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Donnie McKlurkin, Rebecca St James, Kirk, fred, Canton Spirituals, Williams bros, Avalon, just to name a few I have a lot.


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The truth shall set you free......

By cjroberts, 2010-07-09
The truth shall set you free......

Hi. My name is LaTisha Nelson. I married the man that you know as Carl Nelson or Carl Roberts on July 25th 2009. I just gave birth to his supposedly first child on April 16th 2010. On Mother's Day weekend he left me and his child. But he also took all the money in our joint account. I might not have been the perfect wife, but I never did anything to warrant him doing this to me. He also has been in contact with his exwife trying to get back with her. If any of you are female and are thinking of pursuing a relationship with this man, please think again. He is a liar. And yet he calls himself a man of God. A man of God would not leave his wife and newborn son with no money. And a man of God would not act like he does not care. This man Carl Nelson is not who you think he is. I thought he was a loving husband and father. I guess I was wrong.

No Under Ground Rap This Way!!!!

By cjroberts, 2010-02-16

Change to Over This World Rap.  This world has been won over by GOD, this we know.  Those who don't please read Revelations and you will get a clear vision of what I'm saying.  We are not Under Ground.  However we are on the Grind for souls.  GOD BLESS.

Carl Dacarious Nelson Jr. (Urban Levite)



By cjroberts, 2007-05-16

1. I have tracks if you are interested.

2. I will have  songs posted withing the next 2 weeks.

Shout out to all artists on this site,  Keep at it!   I love all of the songs I am hearing.

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