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Undoubtedly  (Peace Ii The Puzzle) has a style that is uniquely unlike any.There impacting life changing lyrics combined with high energy stage presence makes the unlike any other duo in todays industry.

On December 22, 2009 P-II-P was born in the midst of drastic changes in their lives, God places this ministry in their hands, showing them that life is a puzzle & only He is the one who gives you peace to accept the necessary changes life brings to fulfill His will for your life.

Peace II the Puzzle has had the opportunity and privilege to carry this message to an international levels touring in Panama, Domingo Rebulic and Puerto Rico this past couple of  years. They have also had the opportunity  to tour  their new LP (LAND OF THE LOST) across the many states like NJ,Maryland CT, FL and Boston and PA , withe there in LUV movement which features their title hit (IN LUV, and LOST IN TIME)…

Peace II The Puzzle was also the winner of two awards!!! .....Try-State Spanish Album of the year, and Winner of the best contemporary christian song of the year in L.A  for the song (IN LOVE) ........


God, Kim walker, Travis Green,Toby mac, lacrae, Andy Mineo,D1, trip lee



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