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Alcohol and drugs became my God. Sin became a normal way of life for me. . I found myself alone. I had no feelings until one day I felt my soul slipping into hell. I cried out to the Christ , he came to my house and save me. The Most High kept me as I held on to his Word for my life. July, 1997 – is when I got delivered from Alcohol and drugs.  By the Grace of God I am still free of Alcohol and drugs. Michael went to Charlotte NC stayed at the men shelter until God decided to move him to Hope Haven. Michael joined Nation Ford Community Church where he worked in the youth ministry. Michael went back to school to study the ministry, he attended Queen City Bible College . Michael joined Voices of Hope where he played drums and Spoken word /Gospel Rap. Michael was license as a minister of the gospel, February 6, 2011 by Bishop Charles R. Walters Sr. Michael started his own business, International Electrical Solutions Inc. (Electrical Contractor) in 2007. Michael began to develop a strong passion to reach out to the homeless and hopeless. Michael joined with 5 ministers in Charlotte NC, travelling to different outside locations every Saturday giving out food, clothing and the Word of God. This is my passion for ministry, to give back to the needed what God has so freely given to me. I thank Almighty God for the gift and talent he has given me to do what he has sent me to do. I feel bless to be chosen to do this. When I minister with spoken word/gospel rap and dance I pray that it will invoke a mighty praise and worship in the people, so that they will give The Creator all of their being. “Testify With Your Feet”.

Peace and Grace
Minister Michael Norman



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