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We are a small group of Music & computer Artist that are doing mostly studio stuff we hope maybe someday perform at churches, contest out reach functions for churches and communities here in Asheville & everywhere. Right now I would love to serve the people who need it the most recovering drug addicts Alcoholics broken families and others right here in our cities that need us right now! We hope to have more stuff soon I hope you enjoy it.


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God What?

By tmc1964, 2008-03-14

For the past year, I have grown with this church, becoming a little bit better as a person in the Lord.  I have also been meeting people from this church and where I work and where I live, and it's strange; it's like I can feel them and hear their heart.  Sometimes I don't think I'm some amazing physic or some mind reader; I just feel their pain and stress. Maybe It's because of the bad times and lost feelings in my own past. Lord knows I've been down a crooked road myself, trying to seek what was real and good! Anyway, I started thinking about all the money and prayers and time spent on helping people in other countries and wondering when are we going to help the ones in our own life? When is the support and help going to arrive for the people we live with everyday? I know there are people struggling with loneliness right here in Candler, Asheville, North Carolina and all over the USA. I feel very strongly about helping each other get through problems, and I don't care what problems they are. I know people are plagued with all kinds of things from drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, and depression; of things that we can't even understand. I'm not Gandhi, but I have feelings for the other human standing next to me, and sometimes I think in this world we are moving too fast.  We are too disconnected by being too plugged into other distractions. I would like to pray to the Lord to focus me into the light of how He wants me to bring this "THING" --whatever it is-- into reality. There are so many things I want to do with a church.  There are so many kids walking around with no one to talk to, so many broken homes with so many lost and confused young adult parents. In the midst of all our crazy daily energy, we lose track of what matters. I've been to so many churches that say they pray and want to help everyone, but they don't really want to get any on them or be near these people. I'm just wondering if Jesus was here right now, where would He be?  What would He do right now? If you feel the same way please let me know?

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