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In many instances in the world today, you see many people are inclined and drawn towards the sinful human nature. Often a result of the influence that music can give, through its catchy beats and destructive lyrics, subtle or not. True strives for and offers a different kind of music, "True Muzik". Offering only Christ centered lyrics, with a positive and uplifting message encouraging believers of the Lord Jesus Christ to grow in there relationship with him, as well as witnessing to the lost. True's latest cd Kingdom Grindin' is now available and can be purchased at , or Underground Musix . Currently True is seeking a Manager and Record Label, and is ready and waiting to go what ever direction the Lord leads him. If you are interested in booking True for a show please e-mail with the event/venue information!

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The Father, Son and Holy Spirit / The Holy Bible / Lyrical Disciplez / Phaith / Pony Boy / Nyneteen / Shai Linne / Flame / Json / Lamp Mode & Cross Movement


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