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  • Rosetta Robert, also known as "Tripple R" is a highly gifted singer whose consuming passion is praising and worshipping God through music. Tripple R who hails from Akwa Ibom state discovered her talent for music at the age of five & joined the children choir to develop her potential. In her teens, Tripple R became fatherless following the death of her father Mr. Robert Nkasi. She faced poverty & hardship, hawked satchet water & tapioca to survive but her faith in Christ kept her shining in God's glory! In the last fifteen years, Tripple R has worked with choirs in RCCG Rivers 1, AG, Winners Chapel, Flaming Sword Ministries among others & shared platform with Chris Morgan, Covenant Anietie, Pamela Scott, Sophyn, Bnach & other top gospel artists. Tripple R launched her debut album titled "Jesus Na Baba" on November 29, 2015, and here is a presentation of the Hit Song "Jesus Na Baba". Enjoy & be blessed!


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