The Much Luvv Fam

About The Much Luvv Fam


From the southern part of the U.S., emerges a hip hop group known as the Much Luvv Fam. But this group, unlike many others, consists of solo artists with well established careers. They are Enock, Mark J, CY, ColCutz and Tre9. With over 14 solo albums dating back ! as far as 1995, the group is well established and professionally polished.
Enock, Mark J, CY, ColCutz and Tre9 decided to come together after they realized that they shared the same vision of bringing balance to the music industry. As Christian rap artists, they have always been devoted to keeping their lyrics clearly evangelistic. But now they are ready to stretch themselves into a new direction, while still feeding their Christian fan base.

Their debut double cd entitled, “The Next…Now” is cleverly crafted and uniquely created. It is the first! double disc to target two audiences. The first disc or Next Disc, was written with the Christian music listener in mind. On the other disc, Now Disc, the Much Luvv Fam blasts off with songs that speak of the realities and experiences of life. “The Next…Now” is a masterpiece that portrays the Fam as relational, honest, spiritual, fun, mature, focused, and incredibly skilled on the mic.

So if your wondering why they chose the title, The Next...Now, you’ll learn quickly that their musical style and content is the next big thing, happening right now!