About Taurus

ITNOJ! (In The Name Of Jesus!)

Christ blessed me with several musical talents and I'm doing my best to share them with people around the world for as long as I'm here.

My Mission: To Reach People for Christ, Mature (Teach) People In Christ and Mobilize (Empower) People Through Christ.

My Strategy: Use music to Reach people; Use God's Word and Spirit to Teach People; Use God's Love, Word and Spirit to Mobilize People.

My Tactics: Various. Follow me and see what We come up with next.

I converted from Islam (and the Nation of Islam) after God revealed to me that Jesus Christ IS the Son Of God. Since then, God has led me across the US serving Him through ministry - Teaching, Preaching and music.

Enough about me. Enjoy the music our Lord has made me a steward of.



Christ and too many artists to name


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