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Minyonne Natasha Paige was born December 14, 1975, in Bowling Green Kentucky. She lived a life pleasing to only the enemy and yet God still receives the glory because her testimony was formed and her victory over the devil won. Growing up in this small city she was unaware of her bondage to sin until God called her out of it. In was then, in 1998, that she died to sin and resurrected a minister for Christ. She is His vessel. The vessel God uses as the straw that He blows through to create the lyrics that fit the beats that completes the rhyme. Many call her a rap artist. God calls her... His vessel.

Not only does God breath through Tasha Paige to create flows that pierce the heart and draw you to the foot of the cross. But God also allows His Word to be brought in a powerful way. Knowing that the days in which we are living are short she has vowed to be an instrument for Jesus; presenting Jesus crucified, Jesus resurrected, Jesus the only way to God the Father.Ms.Paige has been a Motivational Speaker and Bible Instructor for 5 years. Going door to door in communities from Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida leading souls to Christ. She also does spotlights for the Kentucky/Middle Tennessee Youth Federations. Bringing across thought provoking sermon nets that calls the youth to examine their walks with Christmas. Paige has been blessed to speak at Women Day Events, Youth Days, Single Retreats, Weeks of Prayer and much more. Delivering powerful sermons entitled “Answer tha Call”,” Rags or Riches”,”Ye shall receive Power”;” All Eyes On Me”;” I came to Myself” just to name a few. Ms. Paige believes just as Joshua led the people into the Promised Land so God has young zealous people that are going to do even greater things in these last days. God is looking for youth with “another spirit” and so He has found one in this young woman. If you happen to meet her on the streets look forward to have an awesome worship experience because she lives to give God all Glory, Praise, and Honor. Ms.Paige believes that the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth is the standard to strive by. She lives by the motto her pastor told her years ago;”If the devil hits you hit that rascal back with the fist of Jesus”
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Minyonne Paige
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