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Where my Christ Ryders at?! [size=20] Allure Design Graphics[/size]

[color=green] Hey everyone!

Most of you may already know me from Facebook or other networks so I am introducing myself to all my new friends!
My name is Jubilee Jones and I'm a Graphic Designer for Allure Design Graphics by trade and a Gospel singer by ministry. [/color]

[size=18]About Allure Design Graphics[/size]

I started designing about 11 years ago just on a whim. My boy friend at the time (later my husband) was a recording artist and he needed his cd cover designed. Even though I had no idea of how to do this, we decided to DIY. The design was so great that when other recirding artists saw it they asked me to design theirs as well! Word of mouth also led to other projects such as busines cards, poster design, flyers, and eventually websites and web graphics 11 years later!

Allure Design Graphics has grown to include services for any type of business or orgeanization of any size and budget. Visit my portfolio (Photos) for a quick view of the 1,000's of projects we've designed.

[size=18]About My Ministry[/size]

I am also a Gospel singer! I love to sing and have been singing since I was a little girl! I started out as secular artist but when I gave my life to Christ 12 years ago I started to sing strictly Gospel and Inspirational music. Me and my husband have recorded a couple CD's "Room at the Cross" and "Christ Ryders" . Both these CDs are a mix of Gopesl rap, singing, and scripture.

I attend New Spirit Revival Center with Drs. Darrell and Belinda Scott where I sing on the Parise Team called NSRC. We have music project "No other name" produced by Urgency records and distributed by Central South Distribution, one of the top three gospel music distributers!

I have had the priveledge to sing all over the country with some of the greatest Gospel recording artists at 100's of concerts and events. I have had the honor of meeting Karen Clark- Sheard, Vickie Winans, J-Moss, Fred Hammond, Canton Jones, and Cross Movement just to name a few!

I just got a prophetic Word from Dr. Todd Hall about my solo singing ministry! I'm looking for great Gospel artists to work with! I can sing lead or background (alto, contralto). I will travel to sing on a well produced project! I'm also available to sing at concerts and events. Please send me a message in my inbox if you want to network and hear my vocals. Add me as a friend! Let's connect! :) Thank you...

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It's Ya girl Jubilee Jones!!!

By: Jubilee
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It's Ya girl Jubilee Jones!!!

Hey my people's! :D It's been a long while since I've been here! Alot has changed and transitioned in the last few months. I have relaunched Allure Design Graphics- Graphic design and print solutions. A graphic design, advertising, and printing company located in Cleveland,Ohio. Allure Design Graphics features some of the best design work for all types of businesses, events, and publications at the lowest design prices arouund! Visit the website at I need your support please! :D

Also I am working on my solo CD, "Jubilee Jones" due out soon (details later). If there is any one who wants to colab or help out with the project email me at subject: music project. I welcome producers, rappers, singers, engineers, A&Rs, record label executives and everybody to check out my vocal skills at  and and Check out my video sections to see and hear me! Hope you like :D.

I have joined the praise team at The New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Hts., Ohio. It is one of the Top anointed and respected music departments in all of Ohio. It is definately a priviledge and an honor to sing and worship at New Spirit Revival Center! I am excited to work in the music ministry.

You might have notice the absence of Soul Winner from other websites. Due to our differences we have decided to parts ways but there is no love lost! Soul Winner is doing his thing big time. He is now a Pastor and has recently started a church ministry in the Cleveland area. He is also working on his solo project as well! :D Look for it soon.



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