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Richard Moore (born February, 1986), mononymously known as Snabe Rings, also as Nabelungu. He is a British African Christian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is the owner and founder of the independent record label SkalenTribe Records, and the founder and group member of the SkalenTribe rap group. To date, he has released two EP’s and two Christian HipHop mixtapes, and has released six single albums as a solo artist and 3 single albums as the leader of the hip hop rap group SkalenTribe. He produced much of his earlier material along with other early SkalenTribe Records releases. Snabe Rings, in reference to his faith as a Christian rapper, has stated that he used to make secular music but since his faith was made firm in Christ Jesus in 2013, He is now fully convinced of his calling as a child of God and ready to reflect his Christian faith in all his music from now on.

In the year 2000 Snabe Rings started to share his talents in the creative arts and performing songs publicly in his mother land Swaziland in South Africa which is now known as The Kingdom of Eswatini. With his undeniable talents Snabe Rings who was known as Nabelungu at the time was invited to perform in school concerts, radio stations with the likes of the late Dj masu masu, Dj dd cool and Dj bones connection, and also appeared on tv shows, national news papers, local clubs, and national events including a Fanta event held in Swaziland Manzini trade fair stadium in 2003 which saw him share stages with major South African Artists with the likes of Mafikizolo amang others. He also performed in a few major events along side big names in South Africa with the likes of Mapaputsi, Mzekezeke also known as Dj Sbu, Brown Dash, Dj Christos, Peace2 one of Swaziland’s bands that mentored Nabelungu and helped him to learn the ropes of the music industry. He was also fortunate to get music advise from Pro-Kid one of the rap game legends in South Africa. He also formed the SkalenTribe rap group which include the likes of Zesta, Lil Bones, Zolaiye Phobia, and now Igziah Beher, Ras Mad Mic and Flow Mo.

In 2004 Snabe Rings, Nabelungu’s Mother died of pneumonia and left him so devastated and searching for answers, and that’s how Snabe Rings found God as he read through his Mother's bible for the very first time in a genuine thirst for God he found himself surrounded by the love of God and he felt the Lord's presents and his Holiness, joy and peace. So he found a church to worship God in and gave his life to the Lord. He also formed a gospel rap group called Glorious Foundation which included the likes of Ras Mad Mic and Flow Mo. Snabe Rings journey as a Christian began, as he was lead by the Holy Spirit to leave his Home land and journey to live in the United Kingdom in 2008.
During his first months in the United Kingdom he found himself facing difficulties in securing a job and a place to stay thus he started to stray away from the word of God and stopped going to church, this then lead Snabe Rings to a life of drugs, alcohol, and crime. Although Snabe Rings was still making music he wasn't making gospel songs thus the birth of the Underground Classics EP and the Revolutions EP which aren’t really Christian related albums but do carry a positive message. During this time he also met Igziah Beher rapper and music producer who also co-produced The Revolutions EP album and features on the tracks titled Unstoppable and the Intro. Igziah Beher also features on the Underground Classic Ep on tracks titled Heroes day and Nightmare.

In 2009 He sadly lost his Father to stroke, this really affected Snabe Rings as he lost his job and was losing his faith fast. He struggled to keep a job afterwards as he couldn't stop thinking about his loss. As Snabe Rings struggled to make music his career, his life took a turn for the worst in 2010 and 2011 he found himself in prison, broke, homeless at some cases until 2012 when he manage to start afresh as he worked on a track with StonyBoy Artist called Ghetto Souljah which was added to the Revolutions EP and later release that year. In 2013 Snabe Rings suffered another loss as his oldest Brother passed away from severe illness thus sending Nabelungu back to church and this time he was determined to serve God nothing else thus giving birth to his latest singles and the Define Me No Defeat mixtape series through out 2014 to 2019
Recently Snabe Rings has been working on new music, vidoes and family life to glorify God. Look out for new projects coming soon Snabe Rings is not done yet!


Jesus Christ


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Hands High Produced by CFL Beats

Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
Duration: 00:03:26

Hands High by Snabe Rings Produced by SkalenTribe Records, AppleTree Studios and CFL Beats. Taken from the Define Me No Defeat Mixtape. Datpiff link - SoundCloud link - Noisetrade link - BandCamp Llink - Join the SkalenTribe Kamp Fan Club - #SnabeRings #HandsHigh #DefineMeNoDefeat


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