Sir Vaant The Silensa

Over Sir Vaant The Silensa

Yeah Yeah ya'll know the scope, and if you don't Sir Vaant The Silensa  works side by side with twin brother Full Clip, both come from the party life, well up until Jesus stepped in. Sir Vaant and Full Clip have been working very hard in the studio sculpting and polishing a hard core sound know as Buck, The sound "Buck" originated from Memphis Ten. Sir Vaant and Full Clip speak the message of truth and also the testimonies of their life, they both have been delivered from the party life of drugs and alcohol and are now dedicated to the calling of The Lord Jesus Christ. They have recently hooked up with Soulfood Muzic and plan to take the Gospel the world. These hard hittas are well on their way, and give all glory and honor to The Lord Jesus Christ. 


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