About Shine

Born in Grand Rapids Mi, Shine aka Tory McAlister has been a product of the hip hop culture, since it ( hip hop) was in its infant stage. Growing up on the S.E. side of GR, Shine never observed the urban community as one would from the outside, but as one being cultivated in it. Thus all the challenges as one who grew up on the block faced, he faced. The only child in a single parent home, mom working two jobs(seriously), your typical tale of an MC, Shine would have a lot of time on his hands to meditate on why things were the way they were. Just as anyone gifted in the arts, Shine would start out drawing graffiti, designing characters for clothes (an getting paid), later dancing for local rap groups around GR in various shows. After witnessing a number of lunchroom MC battles, Shine would try his hand at writing rhymes. Forming and joining rap groups, Shine would soon be established as an local MC. But as one who observes, he would realize that hip hop couldn't deliver what it was he searching for and something was still missing from his life,that something or Someone was God. In July of 1997, Shine would surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Soon after Shine would be rapping at various churches and events around West Michigan. Married with children, Shine and his wife Tashika have orchestrated a number of Christian hip hop events, such as RessurWreck and Sub-Missions. Shine is currently in the process of launching an independent record label and other projects ... Image hosting by Photobucket



Shine at Crunk for Christ