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Matthew "Salt" Postell was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama by his God fearing, no nonsense mother. "Salt" decided to give his whole heart to the Lord after God spared his life, once more, during an almost fatal encounter. "I knew the truth, but I chose to bathe in dirt, hell was no longer an option for me. I grabbed hold to the plow and I didn't look back!" Once truly saved, "Salt" traded his worldly rhymes for kingdom music. "Salt" effectively ministers the Word of God through outreach, giving and music. For seven years he served as the third member of the gospel rap trio Jesus Or Bust. "Salt's" desire is to articulate GOD'S heart through his music. He refuses to compromise the Words of God for the applause of man. His mission is to expose the kingdom of darkness through God's heavenly lyrics. "Salt" currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where he continues to convey the gospel of the Kingdom! Stay tuned!


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