About RTM

How did you get involved in Holy Hip Hop?
We are both children of the Hip Hop Culture & were in our pre-teens when “Rappers Delight” hit the charts.  Over the years, rap influences for us have been Run DMC, MC Lyte, Beastie Boyz, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest to name a few.  Most of Chief’s influences (pre-Christ) have been by secular rappers, but for me (Biz) it’s been from Christian rap.  While Chief was running amuck, I (Biz) was a back-up dancer for a Christian rapper named XL in 1989 (what up bro!), who did shows with fellow artists such as SFC, Dynamic Twins, Freedom of Soul, Gospel Gangstaz & Idol King.  (Mad props to these fellas who paved the way for us all in Holy Hip Hop!)  That experience was such a special time and XL was going to bring me out as a female Christian rapper back in 1990, but instead I chose to go to college. During that time, I fell away from the Lord  and left college as a single mom.  2 ½ years later I (Biz) met Chief at …of all places….church!  He was a newly saved ex-dope fean, thug from the LBC & I was a prodigal that had “come home” to Christ – it was “Tru” love!  Chief was craving some good Christian rap but hadn’t come across any at that point that fed both his soul & his flava – until I hooked him up wit my homies mentioned above!  Chief started writing lycs to the Lord as he grew in Christ.  I need ta say, Chief has been the driving force to get me to write again.  I thought, “Na, I’m a wife & mom, I can’t just start rapping again & hauling children to concerts – I’m supposed to be doing “mom” stuff!” but God had a plan so much bigger than Chief & I (Biz) could ever imagine.  Thus, “Real Tru’z” was born in 1996. Our music ministry is a “Tru” example of “family unity” which touches so many people & our children are such special support & part of it - (Big Ups! ta Nini, Stev & Lil J)  He truly knows our heart’s desire; and has “taken the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.”(1 Cor. 1:27)  We both are so blown away at how God took two cracked pots like us to make something as wonderful as “Real Tru’z.”    

Who does your production?
Chief does all the recording, mixing & mastering.  For our “Heaven” cd, our beats were produced by Marinated Musiq, Rockit Productions, Vision Entertainment, G-Like Productions & Tribal Camp Productions.


How long have you been a Christian?
Chief just had his13 years in the Lord birthday!  Hallelujah! And what goes with that is he’s been “clean” for 12yrs – all glory goes to Jesus.  I (Biz) got saved when I was 10 years old – so I got 27 years in my rebirth!


Where in your ministry are you heading?

We gonna take it to the whole wide world – with an Army of solid Christian rap souljahz!  Real Tru’z gonna keep on “bringin’ it” till we home, but our newest “baby” so to speak is “Real Tru Music” our record label (an offshoot of 4th Man Records).  Our goals with RTM are not just music, but mentoring our artists to be strong in this industry & to serve the community by being “the Light of the World” and that “Salt of the Earth” that cause people to crave that “Living Water.”  So brace yourselves ya’ll & get on board!    


What goals have you set for this album?

One main goal of this Real Tru’z “Heaven” cd is to broaden the scope of Holy Hip Hop, to reach the masses and to encourage our fellow artists/ministers to keep it “Real” and bring that “Tru” meat of the Word to their audience.  Often times Christian rappers are afraid their audience won’t feel em if they aint sounding like secular rappers – our example to them is – “Be original” & don’t be ashamed to share the Gospel – John the Baptist was a “voice crying in the wilderness” and people flocked to him; Jesus Himself constantly had multitudes around Him because they hungered for His life giving water.  So our album screams out - Testify – share what Jesus’ brought you thru; bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken and destiny to the destitute.  Get creative ya’ll, find your own style, flip the script, be who you are and “bring it” to the table. We need to be leaders to this Hip Hop culture – not follower in style & attitude. We like to coin a phrase from a good friend of ours (Pastor Drew) “Get Loose” ya'll & remember, “They’ll know us by our love!”




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