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        Personal Bio


            Rockiano is a native Detroiter who grew up on the northwest side of the city.

He became fond of Hip Hop in the 80’s and began rhyming. As time went on he began to master his craft. Being so eager to make it as a rap star, he admits that he sold drugs to finance his recordings and intended to put out an album. His sinful nature had the best of him as he continued on the unrighteous path of having illicit sex, drinking alcohol daily & selling marijuana on a regular basis. Thus Rockiano was deep in a life of sin. Although inside he was not comfortable with his lifestyle. He lost a close friend that was killed as a result of being in the dope game and countless other friends and acquaintances. Rockiano didn’t want to be another statistic.


In 1994 Rockiano eventually gave his life to Christ and was later called by God into the music ministry managing local gospel acts. In 1998, he formed the group MainLine with Gospel Hip Hop artist BlaK. MainLine released a highly acclaimed hit single “Keep Prayin’ Remix” and later released a full length CD in 2001, entitled “MainLine Connection”. Rockiano released his first full-length solo CD entitled “Message 2 Da’ Hood” in 2006. Rockiano is now currently promoting is sophomore CD “ The REEL STREET WITNESS VOLUME 1” released July 2008. He refers to his music as authentic street music but nevertheless he receives admiration from the local church world for his explosive spirit filled testimonies & performances.


“I’m on a journey, we all are. My life’s journey is to learn of Christ, rejoice in Christ, love in Christ and to walk in Christ. My reason for being is to serve.”






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