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In 2002 I gave my life to Christ, shortly after I got married.  During that time, my relationship with the Lord grew stronger and I began taking on leadership roles within my church.  In short time, I was appointed youth pastor and not long after that I became my pastor's armor-bearer.  With the pressures of life and the demands of ministry, I began to look at things in the natural.  I no longer sought the Lord's face on decisions and my actions began to show it.  Needless to say, the ministry and my duties began to take a back seat to what I wanted and not what God had called and anointed me to do. My marriage suffered greatly and after only three years, the marriage ended in divorce.  I walked away from the church and, most crucial, I turned my back on God.  I began smoking, drinking, clubbing, fornicating, and everything else I felt like doing to gratify the flesh.  In 2005, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer).  I was diagnosed while going through a divorce.  This sent me on an even deeper downward spiral and I became extremely bitter, angry, and hurt.  Trust me when I tell you it showed in almost everything I did in my life at that time.

In 2007, I repented for my sins and started going to church again and studying my word, praying, and seeking God's face.  God began to restore everything that I allowed the enemy to steal, as well as the things I gave away.  He restored my health and gave me another chance at marriage.  During this time I began to write music and things flowed naturally -- so much so that in 2012, it took me only one month to record my first project, "Redeemed Obedient Believer".  I poured my heart out on the project as I told the world everything I had done in my life -- good and bad.  Understand, the “Redeemed” of “Rob Redeemed” is exactly what God has done for me in my life.  God has forgiven me (in spite of me) on more than one occasion.  I have done so much wrong in my lifetime that I don't deserve His forgiveness. That's God's mercy and grace at its best.

I'm going to keep it 100% real with you.  I have murdered both figuratively (slander and gossip) and literally (abortion) in my opinion. I have committed adultery mentally (pornography, lusting uncontrollably), naturally (self-explanatory), and spiritually (putting people above God and even walking away from God).  I have stolen on a number of occasions.  I have struggled with low self-esteem, insecurities, depression, selfishness, trust, pride, and trying to please people to fit in or earn their approval.  Asking myself, “What’s my purpose in life?” and “Why am I here?” was my normal state of mind.  As a result, I contemplated suicide on more than one occasion.  Bitterness and hatred consumed me because I envied people for what they had, wondering why they deserved it and I didn't.  I kept a smile on my face while internally I just rotted away.  It would take a book to explain the wrong actions I have committed and the emotions and state of mind I had while committing them.  I know a lot of you can relate to some of these struggles and imperfections.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

 I'm not bragging about my wrongs or condoning them by any stretch of the imagination.  I'm just giving God the Glory He so greatly deserves.  If it were up to people, I would be cursed to this very day.  Thank God man doesn’t have any say so with my forgiveness or eternity.


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