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Grace & Peace everybody

I'm a 27 year old Psalmnist for the Lord.  I've been doing Holy HIp Hop since 2004. I realized my gift in 2001 when I allowed Christ in my life.  My brother and I bulit ChosenVessel records from the ground and we are just trying to be heard nationally.

I'm new to the site.  i'm really diggen what im seeing on here.  Be sure to keep visiting my page i will figure how to use it soon (uploading pictures and songs).  If you want to get a taste of what type of music ChosenVessel Records has to offer be sure to visit Chosenvesselrecords.com which i'm in the process of remodeling.  Also I should have a myspace page soon too, thats seems to be where everybody is going nowdays for networking.

                                       mad love,








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