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Honor and adoration be to the God of brilliance for making a way for the Rap for Christ also kwon as R.F.C is a group of young, energetic youths acclaiming the victory of Christ and also emerging quickly up in the gospel scene. The group consists of two talented members. Best and young-Dee .Who got into music at the age of 15 years old getting into clash with friends in school but now evangelize God’s glory through their music. Is no more for the pride but every song is inspired by God. The aim is to ensure Souls are saved and fewer mistakes are made. As individuals who lived in the north of London and also were brought up in Christian homes, like the majority of youths today. However as life progressed they discovered the true meaning of Christianity, experience what most people will call hard live but through all the adversity they got to kwon through Christ everything is possible. This motivated them to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ through their music and to prove to the young and fast generation that in life you should put God first and everything will be they for you. Through their music they hope to establish and delivery a warm atmosphere which will solve people’s problem like love, peace, unity and real life situations. Due to financial state they will not be releasing a album just yet but their first mix tape will be release later on this year entitled I STAND MY GROUND this one prove to be well the wait it will include 10 track of ground-breaking. The message behind this album is that as a youth you shouldn’t follow the crown you should rather stand your ground. And don’t be pushed down by peer pressure or do stuff to please your friends but live to please the almighty God as it say in Galatians 1 vs. 10. Once again thanks be to God almighty for what R.F.C is doing, is our pray that God inspire them more in order to keep them in track of what there doing. AMEN!!! For more information you can contact R.F.C Email- representforchrist@hotmail.co.ukNumber- 07940390743


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