About Reign

Grew up in the hard streets of Goulds, Florida a Suburb of Miami. A witness of Drug dealing drug using, Violent beating and deaths. Many of my closest friends Has died and went to there final destinations before the age of 16 and others have been locked up. the ones that did not die or go to jail either or at home just skating by living in poverty or has improved there lives and  found the lord. So it looked like I had a choice. Die, go to jail, skate by and live in poverty, or improve my life and find the lord. I started off rapping and dancing  for the world now I still dance, but now I rap to the world. I met up with Harold Watkins a.k.a Halo in 2001 and we got together and formed the Gospel Duo Halo and Reign. We have traveled all over and opened for many artist. I now come to you on my solo Project Reign a.k.a DaSaintRightChea !!!


Jesus, Antonious,kirk franklin,Fred hammond,Mystikal outkast and shirley murdock.


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