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Christian ministry, based on the true doctrine of Christianity, foundation is already in place, it was put together by Jesus Christ, the one who is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and for ever. He never change, his promise still stands, just believe he will do what he said he will do,

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Prayer fire power is young and fast growing ministry, it is still in its early stages, but our lord and saviour, the commander in this ministry, Jesus Christ is very old, at the moment we pray for people in different places, like in their offices, in their houses, in their shops even in the streets, or we can arrange to meet in your local park for a prayer and a short bible study, The Holy Spirit can be found any where, as long as it is in truth and in spirit, it is for our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ,
To know more about the ministry or to be part of the ministry please send us an email, remember Jesus Christ is for all, what ever challenges you facing he stands ready to accept you, Jesus Christ has a solution to all fundermental issues of life, what ever situations, What ever problem Jesus Christ will meet you at the point of your needs.
Read psalms chapter 61:1 to 8

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Thank you for reading, I pray your faith will not fail.


Every one is well come


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@prayer-fire-powerhouse-ministries • 3 years ago

Good morning 

We reading the book of Matthew 27:1-12

stay blessed as you read this book, may the love of God dwell in you 

@prayer-fire-powerhouse-ministries • 3 years ago
Today we reading the book of psalms Chapter 61:1 to 8