About P-dub

Hip-hop artist P-Duble offers a different breath of air; a breath that has been vacant from the Christian music scene since the Gospel Gangstas last entered their Flood several years ago and even they (OGG'z) admit the Flood was watered down in comparison to what they exploded on the scene with 15 years ago. Neverthless, P-Duble informs the listener of the troubles of life, without any careful broad-based application to the entire public.      P-Duble's music is discriminatory and is aimed at specific heads that have seem to have been bypassed during the recent metropolitan explosion in the Holy-Hip World; heads which haven't been targeted for true ministry since King Shon was telling their older relatives how poppa' didn't raise no punks back in 1995.      P-Duble reaches his audience with his journey.  The Indianapolis native lives in Columbus, Ohio and considers the 'Buckeye' state a second home.      His music largely talks about the let downs and trials of everyday life. Both P-Duble's wife and best-friend recently passed away and as a result, they largely inspire his music. The audience will benefit from his lyrical lucidity as he gives a genuine history of his personal struggles.      P-Duble's debut single; "I Ball," on his brand-new label, Stank Records, will set the stage for the next single; "Watchin' My Lyf Go Down (I wanna' die)" and his new EP...both of which are currently in the works and due out sometime in 2009.


Jesus Christ, Gospel Gangsters, King Shon, S.S. Mob, CMC's, Ty Wills, Two Eleven, T-Huzzie, BW & LX, Lady Extreme