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Nardo was initially introduced to the recording industry in 1994 while writing, producing, and performing songs to be featured on Flavor Unit/Eastwest’s premiered artist due to be released in 1994 with Queen Latifa as one of the artist and Owner of the label. This project lead to the signing of a major record contract of Nardo’s vocal group entitled JOOSE in 1995. It was at this time that Nardo’s experience gained from previous years paved the way to new opportunities for not only him but the entire production camp he helped to organize. He co-wrote and produced the entire self titled album whose works were also feature in the hit movie “Set It Off”. Nardo along with his group members enjoyed a successful run of their finished works with a tour that lasted 8 months. During this time Nardo has worked with the various artists: Pink, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Fergie, Little Moe, Busta Rhymes, Keith Sweat, 112, SWV, Monica, the late Roger Troutman and Zapp, the Dazz Band, Brownstone, Color Me Badd, Mario Winans, KC and JOJO, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, DMX, and hit producers Sturken and Rogers responsible for songs and development of artist such as NSync and Rhianna as well as others not mentioned. During the years of 1994-2000 Nardo forged relationships with various professionals in the industry that has ensured future projects for himself as well as those connected with his company.


Nardo has completed the first release of the anticipated debut solo project as the flagship artist of Neyrace Music Group. This long awaited project has been carefully orchestrated to launch a much larger vision to continue to inspire. Nardo continues to work on a variety of mainstream projects as a songwriter, producer, composer, and educator. These projects include Nardo’s featured work as a singer/composer/producer on jazz projects to music director positions for nationally released plays to heading music education and performance programs at a nationally ranked high school of performing arts. All of this was done while Nardo was working on two Masters in Instrumental Music Education and Piano Performance. These projects and more has been the focal point of Nardo’s quest to release a solo project in hopes that it serves not only as inspiration from those who may be moved by the gift of song but also be equally moved by his reasons for singing.





  • Attained credentials with music education and organization through the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Community College, and Rose State Community College. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


  • Wrote, performed, and produced for Queen Latifa courtesy of Flavor Unit/Eastwest Recording Group featuring the works of Nitro formally known as Daddy D. Long Island, New York


  • Composed, produced, performed, and scored music for the acclaimed hit movie “Set It Off” starring Queen Latifa, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Vivica Fox Long Island, New York


  • Composed, performed, produced, and engineered for Elektra Entertainment Group featuring the works of the vocal group JOOSE whose first single was entitled “If Tomorrow Never Comes” Long Island, New York


  • Composed, produced, and performed on compilation CD entitled “The Takeover” featuring artist such as Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifa, and JOOSE released courtesy of Flavor Unit/Eastwest Entertainment Group Long Island, New York


  • Composed and produced on compilation CD entitled “Turf Stories” featuring artists such as Snoop Dogg, DMX, Too Short, Draggon, and others released courtesy of Universal Music Group Long Island, New York


  • Nationally syndicated performances with the group JOOSE on television music show entitled “Soul Train”  Hollywood, California.


  • Performances as headline artists along with KC and JOJO to two sold out audiences and statewide sales of over 50,000 CD units. Waikiki, Hawaii.



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