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Unmistakable, incontestable, proven and sure is what you get when you mix hard-hitting heavy bass lines, melodic and anointed chords, strings and rhythms along with the "Undeniable" message of "MISSOURIINO". Truly brothers making a difference would describe Darnell Alexander a.k.a " Tha Representa" and Corey Thomas a.k.a "Mr. Triganaillie". However, "MISSOURIINO" is much more than just a name for these chosen Godly men. "MISSOURIINO" is a new way of life for the Saint Louis natives that met in Virginia in 1998 while living a life consisting of drugs, thugs and slugs, modestly speaking. MISSOURIINO" is definitely on a mission to infuse the world with a positive yet unique message that sets them apart, winning over the hardest of hearts and is for all walks of life to enjoy. "UNDENIABLE" is a reenactment of the duo's personal life as well as a blueprint of their "past, present and future". Speaking life into existence, the duo describes this uplifting and passionate CD as a "roller coaster ride" with guarantees that the listener will be constantly hitting the repeat button.


GOD, each other and family



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Thank You Gospel Engine!

By missouriino, 2006-08-01

Triumph Records/Missouriino would like to sincerely thank you for the unselfish act of creating this site. We appreciate you, we uplift you and we thank God for you. If there is ever anything that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask. The word of God tells us that " We have not because we ask not"...We will do our best to help promote your work...God Bless...

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