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Rio A.K.A. Kuntryboyy: Now Beginning in Dec. 17 2005 Rio appeared his first time ever as an artist after writing his first song about three days earlier. Never rapped a day in his life neither secular nor christian it was an challenge to him from one his close friends not knowing that the crowd would react to his First song which was chopped and screwed he did it and Then God came in and ignited the place.. He had been working on track for several Christian Hip Hop Artist from the St. louis Area But Never wanted to Rap himself he wanted to stick in th background cause he was used to that as an Drummer for about 13 years which he had travled about 4 of the years playing for different R&B groups neo soul jazz and hip hop but sat down in an churhc on the the leaedership of the Rev., John Mithchell whom have gave him the oppurtunity to play drums in the church for 2 years learned about being strictly on Bibilical living and then was loosed to production to begin being curious a little bit more about Gospel Rad Which now his mission has become to be as that of which to make an change an not just to write sum hot bars So This is jus a Qucik Summary Released his first EP Go Hard For Tha King in jan. 07 and now getting relaease the Mixxtape Nside Owt soon after will be releasing the long awaited talked about album A Different World with Hot Production and A swag like no other Rio A.K.A. KuntryBOyy will make his mark in the industry and stand out like a soar thumb from other hiphip artist but never stray away from the truth of the scriptures........


Christ/ John Piper/ My Dad other teachers and Leaders of Truth


Steve bass

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