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His name is KING POETIC. A Toronto Hip Hop artist, he is a servant of the creator, the most High and a student, poet of life. KING POETIC has taken the lessons that life has dealt him and created poetry like non-other. With hits like ‘These Days’, KING POETIC is proving with every song why he is called ‘THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH’!

KING POETIC has embraced the culture and lifestyle of the ever-changing world of Hip Hop and made it his own. As an early teen, without the presence of his father , KING POETIC became a self-supportive youth, turning to the streets and honing his skills on every block he could.

Ask KING POETIC what he sees in his future and the enthusiastic but soft-spoken artist will waste no time in telling you like it is. “I'm here to innovate and change the people's perception of music. My vision and mission is to spread the word of God to the whole entire world in a way that is not only a blessing to others, but also shows the younger generation that you can enjoy a life free of sin through Christ. 'Living life' isn't about how much money you make, what you drive or what you wear.  Life is bigger that 20 inch rims, CHRIST is bigger than 20 inch rims.  Life is about getting to know our saviour and living truly free!”

This talented young rapper’s artistry doesn’t end at just spitting rhymes, he’s also a songwriter, producer and soon to be star. KING POETIC is ready to master and conquer Hip Hop culture with his unique perspective to send a message to a wider audience than any other individual before him. “I tell people all the time that I want longevity in this business, it’s the most important thing to me. From this moment on, I’m forever looking forward and never looking back.”

“I share the message of Christ and help people to understand that you can make it through any situation and that God understands everything that your going through.” - King Poetic


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