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Lady Elizabeth Townsend wins the Akademia award for her music.
September 15, 2015, Lady Elizabeth single titled: My King Jesus was voted by the Akademia Broad Directors and won Best Christian Americana Song.
Rising Artist of 2018, Lady Elizabeth Townsend has won 3 prestigious Akademia award for her musical achievements. She was honored with the award on April 21, 2016, at the Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles, California. She walked down the red carpet in a limousine, with the Akademia award executives along with thousands of other winners while discussing her music, career, future developments and celebrating the victory.
Townsend was showered with luxury as Akademia people brought her along with three other guests in a limousine where she enjoyed the open outdoor arena all night in one of the most happening places in Los Angeles. She shared her experiences and enjoyed the success along with other winners, radio stations, the press, and many other music industry executives. “I’m overwhelmed by the response the audiences have given to my music. My heartiest thanks to the Akademia team who have given me this honor and a night that I would never forget”, says Townsend in one of her statements to the media.
Winning an Akademia Award surely opens many new careers related doors for Townsend. She’ll be able to reach her music to a larger number of audiences and the prestigious recognition will help her in doing so. What led her to this height is her hard work and perseverance. Her single ‘My King Jesus’ gained quite some popularity over the radio and became the favorite tune of many music lovers. The track got noticed by Berkshire Media group who collates the monthly chart data and provides it to the Akademia team. Her track ‘My King Jesus’ became #1 on the charts and stayed in that position for the whole month of January 2017. The position was decided by a number of spins, station tune-ins, and listener requests.
Ultimately, this track got her the Akademia award to recognize her accomplishment and mark the beginning of her success. All Berkshire’s charts are created for the benefits of the artist and are not published publicly. Although, they do offer the data to organizations such as Akademia so that the artists can be awarded for their achievements. The Akademia team has congratulated Townsend for her outstanding achievement.
About- Lady Elizabeth is a gospel singer/composer who is writing and singing for a long period of time. She developed her talent at a very young age in Church. Her songs reflect the powerful message of love, compassion, and humanity. She started her music career at the age of 28 but due to thyroid disease, she lost her voice at 40. She continued to write music and also wrote a book called “My King Jesus” which is available on in around 100 countries worldwide. Lady Elizabeth is currently working on 3 more songs due out by September 2018. Her passion is to take the music and ministry around the world to show the love and compassion of her King.
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Lady Elizabeth Townsend A Native of Washington, State she begins her singing in church with her 4 sisters at an early age where her mother Pastor Mary Marshall Williams, played the piano. At the age of 18, the Lord gave her a song when she gave her life to Jesus. At the age of forty Lady Elizabeth lost her voice due to acute Thyroid Disease but continue to write a song. She recently regained her voice and singing career. In September 2015 she received an Akademia Music Award where she was honored along with 10,000 other Artists for her Christian Country Gospel single in 2016, in Los Angeles California. She since has been promoted by Akademia gaining two more awards for her charting on International Radio Stations. Many in the music industry for her single: MY KING JESUS.Her music can be heard through the world being promoted by the Akademia Company in Los Angeles California. She is a member of BMI she, is a three-time author on with her novels in over 200 countries. Lady Elizabeth gives all the glory and honor to her KING JESUS. ©Copyright2018. See More on Lady Elizabeth Townsend by going to her official website below.




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I Find No Fault In My King Jesus-klymrecordlabel

Genre: Gospel
Duration: 00:03:08

Bio NEW SHINING ARTIST. Lady Elizabeth Townsend, gospel singer/composer, has been writing and singing from the heart for a very lengthy time. Singing and songwriting has been a gift from God that that she developed as a young child raised in the Church. As Lady Elizabeth Townsend grew older, she began to write songs that displayed a powerful message, a passion for love but still a simplistic enough approach that reaches all those hurting and suffering in our World today. She has recently released "I Find No Fault In My King Jesus" that was produced by Mike Walters and recorded at Express Rainbow Studio in Washington State. As she first gave her life over to the Lord, "I Find No Fault In My King Jesus" was the first song the Lord gave her to create and through this composition, her whole life has changed for the better. "In the world in which we currently live, people are finding fault with everything, from our Government to the President. However, now I know without a doubt why the Lord gave me this song and why He had me wait for years to release it. It was to bring hope and healing to many who are hurting and suffering in our world," says Lady Elizabeth Townsend. Lady Elizabeth Townsend began her professional music career at the age of 28 but by the age of 40, lost her voice due to a thyroid disease. She then undertook caring for the elderly and continued to write music, as well as a book called "My King Jesus" which is currently available on Amazon throughout 90 countries worldwide. The book, "My King Jesus" discusses her songwriting growth, the music, her personal life, and how she came to have a personal relationship with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As of recently, her voice has returned and Lady Elizabeth Townsend has commenced singing and performing once again. She has completed two recent music shows featuring her song "I Find No Fault In My King Jesus" and those opportunities have lead to a few music contract offerings but Lady Elizabeth Townsend has decided to wait for the right timing and leaves that decision to God. "I Find No Fault In My King" can be purchased at You can find more information on Lady Elizabeth Townsend at the following links: All music and material on this site is Copyright©2015 License Agents: B.M.I., SoundExchange All Rights Reserved. ® See more of the True Autobiography of Lady Elizabeth Townsend. http://WWW.Amazon.Com/dp/B008DU1SHI


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