King Wes                     King Wes is on a divine mission to bring Christ to the streets. After growing up in one of the worst housing projects in Birmingham Al and seeing many of his close friends fall victim to their environment he knew that something had to be done. At the time he didn’t know that his love for music, his relationship with Christ and his background as a dope dealing, gang-banging thug would be the answer. Once King Wes realized who he was in Christ and his position in the kingdom he saw that the world was lacking the real, true message of Jesus Christ which is the Kingdom of God. Don't expect King Wes to be religious and fake because he knows what is at stake and it is not money. He has seen first hand the Devil's work and he knows that religion will only keep people in bondage. So when you see King Wes (or Divine Purpose) on the street be prepared to receive the Kingdom of God!   Contact Info:



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