Judy Jacobs is an ordained Minister of the Gospel, inspired and anointed woman of God who through word and song presents the Good News of Jesus Christ. She is known for her dynamic singing and ministry of the Word. Minister Jacobs demonstrates the joy of a true worshipper and encourages followers of Christ to experience freedom, allowing God to transform their lives.

Minister Jacobs uniquely communicates God’s powerful message to His people. As a teacher, preacher and psalmist she has led thousands of people to a saving knowledge of Christ through concerts, conferences, churches and conventions around the world. Minister Jacobs’ Television program- JUDY JACOBS NOW! is aired on major Christian networks and reaches 51 million households around the world. Through her ministry bodies have been healed, marriages restored and many Christians have been able to grow spiritually and make positive life changing decisions.

Minister Jacobs shares, “Seeing my parent’s commitment to prayer and fasting, gave me a hunger and desire after the things of God and they became the greatest spiritual influence in my life.”

God began to broaden her territory of ministry in 1989 and she established His Song Ministries. Since then, her ministry expanded as she recorded several music albums. Her latest project, “Almighty Reigns” was released October 2005. She has also began creating preaching and teaching sessions on tapes, compact discs and DVDs.

In addition to all her previous ministry work, Minister Jacobs has also been involved with many powerful global ministries including: T.D. Jakes and The Potters House, Mega Fest, Benny Hinn Crusades, Dominion Camp Meetings with Rod Parsley, Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth, Pastor Paula White Ministries, Christian Conferences in the USA and overseas, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, Inspirational Network and many other renown ministries.

“Surely this is excellent preaching wrapped in song and saturated with anointing!” -Bishop T. D. Jakes

Further extending her ministry, in 2002 she established the “Press…Push…Pursue” Women’s Conference. This conference brings an expectation of the Holy Spirit to do the miraculous, the unthinkable, the unbelievable and the undeniable. Currently being hosted in Louisville, KY and internationally in the Caribbean, it brings a unique blend of dynamic ministers, worshippers and speakers to impart to women from all walks of life.

For many years there was not a mentor in Minister Jacobs’ life. She explains that her mother was one of the Godliest people she has ever known. Her mother really spoke into her life and helped her; molded her into a Christian wife and mother. The International Institute of Mentoring was birth out of a passion to “not see a generation” of ministers have nowhere to turn. It is designed to train, equip, instruct and impart into women who are called to minister.

Minister Jacobs has also authored a variety of Christian publications such as: “How to be Mighty In Spirit” – Spirit Led Woman Christian magazine, and other notable Christian publications, devotions and her book - Take It By Force! - Charisma House Publishing. This book is currently available in English and Spanish and sold at fine bookstores everywhere.

As a wife and mother of two, Minister Jacobs understands the everyday challenges and trials women face in trying to balance ministry and family. Through experiences, she has learned that living a Christ-centered life is vital to living victoriously. This explosive ministry encourages audiences out of their comfort zone, to seek the power to walk in the authority and the boldness of God and experience the complete fulfillment He wants for each of their lives.



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