About jaminii

Hello my name is Jamie I have been singing since my first Jackie Wilson concert, my father took me to. As I got older, I learned how to write songs. Since I love to write songs, I wanted to try producing them.  This is when I began to put together my own studio. After some training, with wonderful people; like Miss Pinkey from the 3 Degrees and others in the business, I learn to operate it. Later after I mastered producing, I decide to do this on a professional level.  For years I did R&B, opening up for big name artist but I continued to write. Until one day I was writing what I thought would be a R& B song but for some reason I kept feeling about how thankful I was to God and I began hearing words of thanksgiving to the beat. I didn’t want to do the old fashion Gospel; I wanted to keep my R&B style.  I did not know if I could before, but because of people like    BeBe and CeCe Winans,   Mary/Mary, Kirk Franklin, Deitrick Haddon,  I felt like I could do Gospel in my style.,  I finished the song and was happy with it the song is called “For My Lord”, and  I have not looked back at R&B love songs  since.  I want to work for God through my music. He gave me the talent so I will use it for His good, even if I only reach  a few people, may His will be done.