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I started singing in church as long as I can remember. My father taught my sister, my brother and I to harmonize as a trio.  At the age of 13 I started to play bass and directed my church choir.  I started writing songs while in high school about age 17 and have not stopped since.  I have been blessed to play and record with many Gospel groups/choirs in many genres. 
"Spread The Word" - Rutgers Liberated Gospel Choir
"No Doubt About It" - Jon Harley Presents: Aaron Brown And The Plainfield Community Choir
"Times Like There" - Voices of Holiness, Holiness Temple
"You Are There" - Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
"Simply Monica" - Monica Crosby
"Your Presence" - Ida Maxey

Songs include:
"Spread The Word", "Face To Face", "Selah", "Every Now and Then",  "Baptize Me", "Faithful", "See Jesus In Me", "Visible Love", "Change When I Saw Jesus", "Take It Down A Bit", "In Your Presence", "Simply Monica", "The Reason Why", "Come With Me", "Strangers", "I Was Born To Serve The Lord", "Like A Child", "Anywhere In Your Vineyard", "I'm In A Hurry", "Fighting Soldiers", "Come To Me", "Guard Your Heart & Guard Your Mind", "I Plant My Feet", "We'll Always Be Together"

Some of the groups:
The Voices of Holiness
Neon Funk
Joseph A Walker (playwriter) for "The Lion"
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
Holiness Temple
Kingdom Revival Church


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I enjoy composing, arranging, and performing songs for the Lord and his people.  It has been a journey but I am grateful to God for it.