About Genesis

A Cincinnati native, Genesis Anastasia Thomas was born March 12, 1988. Genesis still resides in her hometown with her mother and father, Gardenia and Henry Thomas, and two older brothers and sisters. Even as the youngest child, Genesis has always had the largest personality of the family. Growing up she loved to be the center of attention, and her family loved to watch her. Genesis was never afraid of large crowds and she found ways to learn new things about herself and her talent at a very young age. It was clear to everyone around her that this girl was born to be an entertainer! Starting at the mere age of 10, she began to go public with her gifts: reciting poems and singing at weddings, churches, benefit concerts, funerals, talent shows, and different community events. Genesis also loves to act, and as with any of her other talents, she decided to venture out and mix her two passions by being involved in musicals and stage plays. Casted as the leading role in the Wiz as Dorothy, and as Mary in The Christmas Play: The Black Nativity, she proved that she was not one-dimensional. Although she has a heart for acting, Genesis’s first love is singing. As she grew older and her ability to sing blossomed, she decided that it was time for her to write her own songs. She now writes songs of gospel, love, how to deal with real life situations, and anything else that inspires her. With her unique, angelic voice and her humble, ambitious attitude, she is a perfect example of a rising star! At the age of 23, Genesis is now a singer/songwriter who has set many goals that she intends to reach, and is now ready to take her business to another level by developing a style of music and brand that is all her own.


Cece Winans, Kirk Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Jana Mitten, Lisa Mc Clendon