In August 2006, after walking away from secular rap and a lifestyle of sin Elohin (born Lon Christopher Harris) released an underground mix tape, titled Street Scriptures Volume 1. The mix tape received great feedback from fans of Christian music as well as non-fans. After several performances at local churches and various Detroit venues Elohin began to notice the impact that his music had on the lives of those that listened. It was at that moment that the Lord spoke a vision into his heart to record a full length CD from a Christian perspective. With his highly anticipated debut CD titled "CONVERTED THE BIOGRAPHY". Elohin brings to his listeners thought provoking subjects taken right out of the journey of his spiritual walk.


On the soulful track TESTIMONY, Elohin acknowledges his mother while pouring his heart out about past failures and struggles that in turn led him to Christ. IT'S ALRIGHT, which is also the lead single provide an up tempo, lighter more fun side to being a Christian. GIRL on the other hand, a Rap/Rock collaboration takes a journey into the life of a young lady on the search for love and attention.


So with no further ado, A-1 ENTERTAINMENT would like to reintroduce the world to ELOHIN (Pronounced El/o/in). So many people ask what the name means; Well Elohin is simply a long way of spelling his birth name as in L.O.N. Whether performing on stage, organizing events or speaking at Juvenile youth homes, Elohin has one thing on his mind and that is taking the Good News to the lost. Elohins debut CD "Converted the Biography" is available for purchase online at CD Baby, I-Tunes and more. Also available at the following Christian book stores in the Metro Detroit area: God's World, Ecco, Kings Creations & Discount Bible.


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Converted the Biography

By elohin07, 2009-11-11
Converted the Biography

Elohin's debut CD "Converted the Biography is now available on I-Tunes, CD Baby , Amazon. Get your copy today



By elohin07, 2008-04-12

I can still remember the day that I started doing hip hop music I was only 13 years old it was something that I felt God had blessed me with to express myself. Even though I was doing secular hip hop and I wasn't saved I felt that the gift came from God which it did but in reality I was just misusing it. I was using it in an attempt to gain money & riches to gain fame and to be the best rapper. I was full of pride and greed but I didn't see that at the time. I wasn't responsible with the words that I used or the song concepts that I came up with. I felt that it wasn't my job to be a role model to the people that listened to me. I felt that I was just entertaining them and I didn't need to set an example. You see I tried to live a lifestyle that reflected the words that I spoke about in my music. The problem is most of the words that I spoke in my music were not uplifting they were negative. That's why when I got saved I stopped rapping because I felt that there was no use for it until the Lord spoke to me and reminded me that he gave me the gift but it was my responsibility to use it correctly.

This article is directed to every artist that does Christian music especially Christian R.A.P.(Rhythm And Praise). When you got saved you took on a huge responsibility. This responsibility applies to every single thing that you do or are involved in with life. When you are a Christian artist you become more than an artist because your music is now your ministry. It's not about making a hot song for Jesus or becoming the hottest artist it's about saving souls. That means you have to walk the walk as good as you can talk the talk. A lot of people that are saved do Christian music for the wrong reasons. They still have the same motives as a secular artist such as getting rich off of music or becoming famous. But I challenge you to think about how you live when the music stops.

How do act when you're at home with your family or when you are at the store shopping. What would you do if someone tells you that Christian artist are not real artist or Christian rappers are not real rappers? Would you react violently or would you be mature about the situation? How much time do you spend ministering to people off of the stage one on one no cameras or attention? I believe this is what draws the line between those that have been called by God to do music ministry and those that have been called by themselves to do music ministry because they like music or they feel their chances are greater than in the secular world. You may get money or fame if you are talented enough but that should not be your focus or your motivation. I believe that if you get to a point where you feel yourself spiritually backsliding or you get to the point where you no longer know your family you need to stop and focus on your relationship with God first then focus on your relationship with your family. I pray in Jesus name that all that choose to do Christian music understand the responsibility that comes a long with it. Music Ministry is not a game it's a lifestyle that cannot be taken lightly.

God Bless