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In 1985 he helped form the crew Roc Jockeys later to be called the Wite Boyz. Hip-hop still in it's infancy, he was influenced by Deejays such as DJ Kool Herc, DJ Red Alert, DJ Cartoon(FOS), Scott LaRock and Jam Master Jay (Jason M. - RIP.). The West Coast was hungry for Hip-Hop but very few could bring it like it was coming off the turntables of the East Coast. This was an opportunity for one3 to bring it. Rocking the house party set in Whittier, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, Long Beach, Compton, Fullerton, LA, up and down the coast and all points in-between. It was then that he battled for names via the turntables and one nite battled for the name DJ one3™. One house party in the CPT featured Da Wreckin' cru (later known as NWA) and Dr. Dre and one3 grabbed the milk crates and entertained the crowd and several, not yet artists were there including Ice Cube(O'Shea), Easy Eric (aka Easy E -RIP), MC Ren, Yella Boy, Arabian Prince, Pardee (RIP. - LA Dream Team) and Egyptian Lover. Back then it was all about the money ... In 1988 one3 was approached by several emcees and suits about touring and record contracts. Under pressure to make a choice DJ one3 decided to disappear.
In 1991 he found himself in a deep pit of problems created from sin. Spiraling out of control he prayed for help. God stepped in with a broken down car and his step dad with the witness. Like they say God works in mysterious ways. 1991 was also the first year DJ one3 heard Gospel rap; SFC, Freedom of Soul, D-Boy and LPG which planted a seed. After several years of Bible Study, change and soul searching.... 1995 to be specific was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a call to ministry. Sharing Jesus in the streets of LA via Bible Study, gang & prison ministries and passing out tracks. DJ one3™ met a gang member named Bobby E. and they became good friends thru Bible study and a church baseball league. Nothing would get thru to Bobby E. until one day DJ one3™ gave him a mixtape with SFC, Gospel Gangstaz, DII and LPG. The next day Bobby E. gave his heart to Jesus and left the gang. Bobby E. knew that following Jesus may mean a death sentence from the gangs. We had two good years of praise and glory before they hunted him down and gunned him down in the streets of Pico Rivera. He was on his way to work. He left behind a wife and two kids.
Two more close friends in the Lord were killed within days of Bobby E. The night before Bobby E's funeral war was declared on Satan and DJ one3™ broke out the tables. Back to house parties, clubs and touring. 1997 saw one3 and several Gospel emcees both on tour and started the first major West Coast Holy Hip-Hop website later featuring downloads years ahead of Napster. Many artists began to hit DJ one3™ up about DJin' for them on tour, house parties and clubs. In 2004 one3 toured the US with several Gospel artists. In 2005 DJ one3™ played to the LA Memorial Coliseum, offering DJ support for CL Ryderz, Rev Run, Urban Ops, Tunnel Rats, SOG crew among others . He is currently in the only West Coast Gospel Deejay Crew "Hip-Hop 2 go deejay crew" and contributing to the LA Hip-Hop Church movement with the opening of HeadzUp Fellowship in April 2006 (Hip-Hop Church North Los Angeles) which is part of the USA hip-hop church movement started by Kurtis Blow in Harlem, New York. You can catch DJ one3™ on your local Radio on HeadzUp FM: K-HDZ. Listen online to HeadzUp FM & DJ one3™ at


Dope beats, tight Gospel emcees


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