D. Hall

About D. Hall



In D-Hall’s quest to serve and follow Christ, he, through a personal witness of the Holy Spirit, discovered that he had a call on his life to minister through song. In 1999, he starting singing in the holy hip hop scene, teaching others that there is not just one way to praise God. His belief is, every gift that God has given you, whether it’s rap, singing, spoken word, etc., should be used for the kingdom of God. Since that time, God has blessed him with offers to host and minister at many events in and around his hometown of Montgomery, AL, Birmingham, AL, Pensacola, FL, and Nashville, TN. Two of his greatest inspirations are his mother, Annette Hall and his pastor, Apostle Nelson Cash. He gives all credit to his mother for teaching him how to endure and attributes credit for being a God fearing man to his pastor. His focus and desire is to win lost souls to Christ at any cost. D-Hall stands firm on the word of God and will not compromise his beliefs. D-Hall is a faithful, devoted, and  passionate ambassador for Christ and a formidable holy hip hop singer.



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