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o CYclone aka: CY CYclone began to rhyme in the year of 1995 and formed a rap group with his brother and best friend Eli. Through much dedication he eventually went solo in the year of 1999. During this time CY had a few producers that was supposed to produce beats for him, but they were taking too long and holding him back as he waited on them. With tons of music and beats in his head he went out and purchased a Triton Studio keyboard for $2,500 at the time and began to learn how to make beats. He used Korg support and continued calling with questions until he was fully trained on the equipment and began writing to the beats he produced. These songs created his first album The Complex. Although he hadn’t completed the album yet, he would perform those songs playing them straight from the keyboard. In the year 2002, CYclone did a concert and greatly impressed a professional producer well known in Houston named Stikk. He was so blown away by his performance, he grabbed CY by the shirt and out of the building with excitement as he asked and motivated CYclone to move to Houston to further pursue his opportunities in music. He asked CY to work with his record label and after hanging with Stikk and some of the artists already signed on the label he moved to Houston six months later with just $2,000 in his pocket. CYclone contributed guest lyrics to Stikk’s Street Sermons album and began to form relationships throughout the Texas hip-hop community. In 2002, he signed with Much Luvv Records Inc. Much Luvv Records at the time was a nationally known positive hip-hop label. Through Much Luvv, CY released The Complex Album and filmed an award winning video for his Confession Invasion single. He provided production and guest verses on several of the label’s compilation and artist roster’s albums. CY would go on to executive produce his next project Circus World Event…The Ringleader. CY developed an eye-popping stage show that adds creative visual illustrations to the story subjects described in Circus World Event’s song list. The album includes guest appearances by R-Swift (Cross Movement Records), J-Silas (RockSoul Entertainment), Pettidee (Soldier Sound Productions), Sean Slaughter, Mark J, Enock, and the Much Luvv Family. After launching his second solo album, Circus World Event…The Ringleader album at the 2007 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards (where MTV personality Sway was a presenter) to critical acclaim, CY began to focus about the direction of its much anticipated follow-up. Whereas The Ringleader’s concept envisioned our world as a circus with one true ringleader, and an imposter who plots and schemes for the same position, much like Circus World Event…High Wire Act plays off a tight rope metaphor that represents having balance, handling the pressure, walking a narrow road and working your way up. It features various musical rooms in what CY describes as a musical castle and each room is an environment as the music paints the picture of that room with the same awesome production that was heard on the Circus World Event album. The project also carries other messages about the humility that must be maintained by those placed in lofty positions. CYclone’s High Wire Act employed a gloomier carnival sound and explosive energy. Circuses can be inspiring. Introduce children to one and then carefully observe their next month on the playground as they re-create the roles of the clown, the lion tamer, and the trapeze artist. For producer and rapper CYclone also known as CY, it launched a fresh phase of his music career – one marked by a new found creative freedom for his sound, lyrics, and stage show. Each song was painstakingly crafted to embody a singular theme where both the music and lyrics meld together to transport audiences to a specific time and place. A perfect example is the song Ice Cream Truck which takes the listener back to the youthful days of chasing after their neighborhood’s mobile, sweet treat shop. Here, CYclone is handing out a variety of lyrical ice cream bars. It’s versatile and accessible to all listeners, something for everyone with guest artists like Young Joshua, Von Won, Gifted, FireJaws, D. Steele, One Dose, Kent & Shellee Coley, and tracks produced by CYclone himself, Phillip Moore, Tony Stone, Vohn Beats/Symbolyc One, Jimmy Natural and others. So far, CYclone has four albums to his credit and has established his own Complex Melodies production company and record label. High Wire Act marks CY’s third solo album (fourth overall.) Previous records have spawned an award winning video for his “Confession Invasion” single, recognition for the best New Album and New Artist of the Year (2004 Texas Hip Hop Awards), and several other nominations and industry honors. In addition, CY has performed at major events such as SXSW, Rap Fest, the En Sound Music Awards, the All Eyes On Me Awards, and Atlanta’s Holy Hip Hop Awards (where he was also honored.) Through those events and others, he has been honored to share the stage with music ministers such as Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Deitrick Haddon, Knowdaverbs, 4th Avenue Jones, Corey Red & Precise, Mark J, Lil Raskull, Pettidee, Todd Bangz, Everyday Process, and Lecrae. He has performed at major stages such as Rap Fest Bronx New York, Flavor Fest out of Florida, Texas Holy Hip Hop Awards Hosted by Sway of MTV, and a 4 time performer at Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta and more major events CY has performed. He received New Artist Of The Year Award For his debut album “The Complex” and Video of the Year in 2004 for his Confession Invasion Video at the Houston Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards as well as nominated in seven other categories for 2004 such as Lyricist Of The Year and Stage Performer of the Year etc., He won New Artist Of The Year and received honorable mention honors for Album Of The year at the W.H.A.T. Awards for his first solo album The Complex Album in 2004. Nominated at the UGA Urban Gospel Alliance for Hip Hop Male Artist of the year Award for 2005 and Album of the Year along side Da’Truth, R-Swift, Enock, Flame and Phanatik. He received Recognition Award for 2010 Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta in January 2010. He was nominated for a Philadelphia Holy Hip Hop Award for Album and Artist of the Year for "Circus World Event...The Ringleader" in 2009. Also nominated at the Ensound Music Awards for his Single "The FlipSide Trapeze" and Album of the Year for Circus World Event.The Ringleader and Artist of the Year in 2010. Nominated for a Black Essence Award for Album Of The Year and Artist of the Year in 2010 for the Circus Album. CYclone recently signed with Serious People music based out of NY and performed at the NBA Mike James Day event in NYC.

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