Crowned Saintz

About Crowned Saintz

Crowned Saintz are an annointed group of brothers J-krown, Dynasty, and Saint-B they have a mission to bring the word of god in a way that both young and old relate to. Gospel Rap was a gift given to them from God. "We that are called and chosen are the saintz of god and if we continue to do god's work. we shall recieve the crown of glory"!!!!!!! Debut Album " F.A.M.E." (favor and mercy everday): To all our fans and of Jesus Christ and supporters of our music ministry!!!!!! Alot of people have been asking when is our album coming out. We are happy to inform you that our debut album " F.A.M.E. (Favor and Mercy Everyday) " is finished.Thank you for your support, love, and patience. We have been working on this album for a while now and want to make sure that every song on it is something that will motivate, and inspire, anyone listening. To persue a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. This is going to be a fun album, with songs that will make you laugh, cry, get hype, and just ride to. This album will have 17 on it with no "fillers." Once again thank you