CAPREO' Bio...Capreo is a living, walking testimony of his life. Capreo's life will touch your heart like never before. He has lived and learned from his past life of drugs, gangs and women in his life. He has took a turn around for Jesus Christ! He no longer lives that life of destruction. He now is living for Jesus Christ who is his Rock of Salvation. He has been set free and free indeed. The bondages and strongholds have been lifted and no longer remain in Capreo's life. God has called Capreo into an anointed and blessed calling. His calling is to be a Music Producer who produces Christian Gospel R&B and Hip Hop music with a new flavor. God has given Capreo the gifts and talents to produce an extrodinary, uplifting and inspirational music that is touching many lives for Christ! God is taking Capreo around the world to spread the Good New of who Christ is. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and he is the same today, never changing! God's presence and anointing fall on Capreo. As you listen carefully to the words in his music, you will be anointed and blessed by it! Capreo is bringing many to Christ through his music. He is a ministering spirit of God! He has definitly been called to such a time as this. He is the arms and feet of Jesus Christ! He is the CREATIVE ARTIST PRODUCER REVEALING and EXHAULTING the ONE who has been called and now serves Christ with his life. Now, that you have been introduced to Capreo. Please take the time to hear his mucic that will touch your heart like never before. God Bless you! The CAPREO Family Loves you and Prays for you everyday! WE LOVE YOU, the CAPREO FAMILY!


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