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Chris Morris (aka) C. Micah was born in Memphis, TN on September 22, 1977. As a youth, he strayed away from a lot of the negativity that was around him. Instead, he turned his attention to the church. This is where he found his faith and his love for music. He became involved in many plays and musical drama productions, thus beginning to shape and mold the untarnished talent that was inside of him. He first got into hip hop around the age of ten or eleven by listening to the likes of L.L. Cool J and Eric B and Rakim. This was the beginning of a lifetime love of the culture of hip hop. Soon after that, he was elected to manage a group of guys at his church, who wanted to get into hip hop. They named the group W.A.R.KLICK. The group went from performing locally from church to church, to performing internationally in countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, and the Philippines. He later joined the group as a rapper also. After seven years of being involved with the group, he now is ready to take the music industry on as a solo artist. With a mix of dirty south crunk swagger and universal variety, this artist is primed for national stardom.


Ludacris, Jay-Z, Cross Movement



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