Apostle Kev

About Apostle Kev

“No More Holding Back” is inspired by my life story. My name is Kevin Adderly better known as Apostle Kev. I was once a street hustler in Miami but gave that up for Jesus. Once I was saved, God turned my life around. Hard times have not changed my decision to serve God and I praise him through music and rap/poetry. Started making music back in 1994 and have worked with Young Trill, Complex, Big House, Burnie Blue, Trilogy, Miss Ronea, Maisha Devine as well as others. Major music influences are Kirk Franklin, Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. I’m looking to pull brothers out the street through rhymes and testimonies. I can be reached at (615) 943-3945 and by e-mail at absalootman@gmail.com.


Kirk Franklin, Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, Prince, Tupac, Biggie