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Anointed Praise, a young talented group, is the latest project for First Lady Productions whose debut album "Sanctuary of Praise" is going to take the world by storm. This is not your ordinary group, and through their music you will realize where God has taken them from and is now taking them to.
"Our songs minister, it’s like having a one on one conversation with God,” are the words of encouragement from First Lady Dr. Vera J. Goodman, the C.E.O. behind the production company, First Lady Production, Inc./GPIP Records. This is just one of the encouraging statements from the producer of the upcoming contemporary gospel group called, “Anointed Praise.”

Dr. Goodman, along with the lyrical expertise of Minister Jonathan Smith and the musical compositions of Darnell Ginn II, has carefully put together this project as the Lord has directed. There is no doubt that this CD will shake up the nation and rock the world.

Beginning on the west side of Jacksonville, Florida, on the corner of McDuff Avenue, at One Accord Ministries International Inc., under the direction of Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr., Dr. Vera Goodman chose eleven, along with herself, Holy Ghost filled singers and musicians. Each of them telling a unique story of how they all were triumphant over trial they had to overcome in their lives. The members have generously put forth their time and effort to their debut album that will “break down the modern day walls of Jericho.”


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