About AManOfGOD9

April 25, in the year 1988, Phillip Samuel Leary The 2nd, also known as "A Man Of GOD", was born in Bellflower, CA. Raised in a family of 5 (Dad, Mother And 2 Siblings) and raised in a Christian Home, he was taught to live by Christian Standards. "A Man Of GOD" Believed, Accepted & Confessed with his mouth, JESUS CHRIST as his LORD AND SAVIOR at a very young age! As he grew older, his perception on how to live life began to change and conflict with how Scripture (The Bible) tells us to live. This is known as "The Battle Of The Flesh And The Spirit" and ultimately, due to satan's deception, and him not being disciplined in his walk with CHRIST through the constant reading and studying of The Scripture, this lead to him straying away from The Christian Faith. As time went on and going through various trails in life, "A Man Of GOD" came to the realization that without JESUS CHRIST (GOD) nothing is possible, and without HIS Grace, life can be beyond difficult and will lead to Death. So by the Grace Of GOD, Who Loves Us All, GOD began to work on his heart and brought him back to CHRIST, and His Rededication To CHRIST is the Best Thing that could've ever happen to "A Man Of GOD"! Coming from a background as a secular rap artist, he gave up "Secular Rap" for His LORD and vowed to never again rap secular. He vowed to only use the Gifts that GOD Gave Him to Glorify GOD and fulfill HIS Purpose! August 31, 2014 "A Man Of GOD" Rededicated Himself to CHRIST and was Baptized to demonstrate His obedience to GOD and by The Grace Of GOD, washing away (Dying In) His old self. September 1, 2014 is when "A Man Of GOD" began recording for His "Holy Hip Hop Career" and His objective is to "Spread The Gospel Of JESUS CHRIST Through The Mic"! All Praise And Glory Due To Our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!