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Radio wGKP f.m. This simply means: “Radio with GOSPEL KNU PHLAVA – fine music”

When it comes to entertaining, enlightening and educating, no one in podcast radio compares to the team at wGKP f.m.

wGKP f.m has a unique “PHLAVA SOUND” that is a mix of Caribbean Gospel, Holy Hip Hop, and Old Phlava R&B, so carefully blended that no other station has yet tried to duplicate.

wGKP f.m’s format bridges the gap between the Bit-Too-Broad and the All-Too-Soft Gospel Music and Classic Retro Hip Hop & R&B by strategically positioning itself between the two formats that exist to the left and right of our primary target audience of adults 18-45.

wGKP f.m has the most unique and exclusive position in the podcast radio market with Gospel Music being the message music of the 21st Century; wGKP f.m brings the culture and style of the new millennium to podcast radio.
wGKP f.m features some of the hottest gospel dj’s in the business. Our resident dj, DJ Gospel Knu Phlava aka dj gkp is known for rockin the exclusive tracks first and breaking us off with the coolest “KNU” Gospel & Holy Hip Hop artists. In the gospel music industry to be branded with a dj gkp "KNU PHLAVA JAMZ" drop mean you have the most up-to-the-minute joint out. You can find your #1 Gospel DJ, dj gkp, right here on wGKP f.m.

wGKP f.m is not just about music, we’re about touching lives as well; giving listeners that perfect dose of music with edifying conversations, even tackling some of today’s controversial issues.


So you think because you’re a born again Christian you are not supposed to have fun huh? Let see what the bible has to say about it…….. 2 Samuel 6:14 speaks of when David danced before God. Ecclesiastes 3:4 speaks of "a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance." Psalms 149:3 says "Let them praise his name with dancing" and Jeremiah 31:13 "Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow." Psalms 30:11 says "You turned my wailing into dancing."

We are the Christian dj’s that play a mix of Caribbean Gospel, Holy Hip Hop, and Old Phlava R&B music to keep any praise party/function alive with hand clapping and foot stomping praises. Part of our repertoire include fresh “knu” remixes of holy hip hop gospel with a Caribbean and U.S. “phlava”

DJ gospel knu phlava exists to serve our brothers and sisters in the Lord with the highest quality of Christian and other musical entertainment.



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Peace On Earth??? Where is the promised peace you ask?

Peace On Earth??? Where is the promised peace you ask?

Peace On Earth??? Where is the promised peace you ask? Actually, when you think about it, we can see that Jesus brought all that is needed for peace in our world. He taught us the principles of peace. Amen!?


Merry Christmas and a Happy and Holy 2011 to all my fans and family. At this time of peace on earth, goodwill to all, caring and sharing, I’d like to share with you the first official pod cast (The GKP Radio Show - Episode One 12/24/10) of Radio wGKP f.m. Listen right now @ to all the Christmas greetings from some your own friends: Mavis, Sheldon, Candace & more. Listen to new music from Curtis Jordan, Debra Price, Heavenly Warfare, da Gospel God Fatha, and more.


We’d love to hear from you, so please tell us what you think of the show. Call 7576068906, email: , or leave a comment at our official site:


Thanks again and stay blessed & connected to JC.


Radio wGKP f.m.


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