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Melinda Gaborno's Testimony

user image 2009-06-20
By: Magdala Records
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Melinda Gaborno's Testimony

The acoustic rock songs in "BELIEVE" bridge the gap between those who do not yet know God and those who understand the importance of developing a deep, intimate relationship with Him. This music fits in a unique genre, crossing over 80's secular acoustic rock (influenced by Heart, Pat Benatar, Bangles, etc.) with the Gospel's ancient but timely Biblical wisdom. The theme of these songs is a calling for people to get to know God thru His Son Jesus Christ and His Word, to BELIEVE that He is real, and be aware of how He moves in our lives. I thank God for the many pastors whose radio ministries continue to educate me in God's Word. Their sermons also comfort me when the tears and frustration of living a godly life in a secular environment are too much to bear alone. I was on a road to self-destruction when God intervened. Since then I have been obsessed with learning about Him...evidenced by stacks of composition books filled with daily devotionals and personal Bible study notes. I decided that if I was going to pick up the pieces of my brokenness, I was going to need divine guidance. So I kept a "God frequency" on 24/7 via Christian AM radio. "So then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."(Romans 10:17). I was determined to brainwash my mind with His Word since nothing that was already in there was working for me anymore. As a result of my relationship with Him, the Lord woke up in me a long-lost gift of songwriting. You will find that these songs aren't so much about me but more about His Message thru me...that is to bring the hearts of the lost and rebellious back into a closer relationship with Him. Each of these songs come from the tears of a broken heart (Philippians 1:23-24) with a ray of hope of a promising future life after death for those who choose to walk with the Lord while He continues to allow them breath on earth. This music is my humble attempt to evangelize to those who suffer affliction and/or personal loss and do not yet understand the comfort that only a solid relationship with God thru His only Son Jesus Christ can provide. (John 14:6) I have learned that you only live once (here on earth) but there is a spiritual life beyond this physical existence. These songs are meant to incite each listener to think hard about what they need to do to get their thoughts, actions and spoken words right with God because His Son is coming back for His true believers very, very soon (please read 1 Thessalonians 4:17...a RAPTURE verse). I pray that we choose where we want to spend Eternity BEFORE we pass away. God Bless you for taking the time to hear this message of hope with an open mind and an open heart. May the light and love of our Lord God Bless you richly!


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