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I was born in fitchburgh Mass. in 1980 my Dad was in the army 82nd airborn so we moved around a lot I have great parents who I love very much I feel blessed to live close to them now so that I can see them as often as possible. We moved to Hawaii in 1986 and lived there on base for 3 years then in 1989 late in the year we moved back here to New Mexico I lived in Grants for 7 years during that time is when the enemy really got ahold of I so glad though that Jesus was always watching over me. I started doing drugs and even joind a gang my parents made me move to Espanola @ the time I wasn't to pleased I continued to use drugs and even began drinking a lot But God was still watching over me I met my wife in High School My sophmore year she was a freshman I remember walking her to class and finaly hooking up I was still a mess though and really didn't think about where my life was going I started Rapping in High School not for the Lord though it was all worldly but even then God was preparing me He was still watching over me. I started selling drugs in school at that time some of my worst enemies became my best friends just for what I could get them. My wife began inviting me to church but i wouldent go then finaly I started going to the youth group I believe that is where God began to REALLY get ahold of me but I still wanted to do my own thing I remember going to an actual service where th district youth director was preaching I remember feeling something in my chest and I couldent tell what it was and then He gave an alter call and I found myself going up weeping before God not knowing what in the world was happening I gave my life to Jesus that day and have been doing my best to serve him ever since it has now been seven years and God has done some amazing things in my life I am able to use the talent He has given me to glorify His name and have been a whitness to young people giving their lives to Him. I have a beautiful wife who I love with all my heart we have been married for 6 years now we have three beautiful daughters and God has just continued to bless my family. If you want to know more about what God has done for me send comments or messages id be glad to talk with you and even to pray with you. GOD BLESS  


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Rapfest of the West tour

Rapfest of the West tour

Saturday August 4 2007, 1:00 AM
@ Espanola Valley High School, Espanola New Mexico


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