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 Zandra White aka Dalite formerly known as Zandradalite was born on 02/19/1961 in Brunswick, Georgia. She is the youngest of eleven siblings. She starting writing at an early age. She often wrote inspirational poems and recited them to her family and friends. In the year of the 1990's she formed a kid's group called Spirit & Truth. They received many invites to different functions to perform. They were in demand. It became difficult to keep the group together. The kids had turned into teens and had started drifting into different directions.  Zandra was encouraged  to start performing her own songs. She needed a name to represent her image.  She had always thought of herself as one who brought the darkness into the light. Her birth name had confirmed it. Her legal name was Zandra Delicia White.  She took the D & A out of the name Zandra. L out of Delicia and ITE out of White. This is how Dalite was originated. She set out on a spiritual journey touching the lives of many with her inspirational music. She has perform on different platforms. From flea markets to nightclubs to churches to prisons. She resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dalite is an inspiration to the world! She is a  gifted young lady with a great deal of talent. Her style is unique, like no other. She is in a class all by her self. If you're looking for a different flavor, then you would definitely want to shine with Dalite.


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