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This project was composed by Zandra Long in the year 1994 at the time known as Spirit & Truth today aka Dalite. She was inspired to formed a youth group to deliver God's message. She started out with her two daughters Toshema Ramkisson & Kussum White, her niece Kamala nichols & two other friends Reggie & Sheneka Rudolph. She didn't have much to work with except a $25.00 keyboard which she had purchased at radio shack. With God's annointing she refused to let anything or anybody get in the way. Some tried to persuade her to change her stye of writing. It was said, people wouldn't buy the music because no one wanted to be preached to, that it had to be sugar coated. Zandra insisted on doing it in the way that God had inspired her to do it. That was Zandra's aka da1ite's first cd recorded. She was about God's business not about fame. It didn' t matter if she sold any or not, she'd give them away. God's word shouldn't have a price on it, for he said that he would supply all of our needs according to his riches and glory through Christ Jesus. Zandra Da1ite still feels the same today. She has been supported by many. It may not have reached the airways nor television but she give all praises to the mighty God that she has been given the opportunity to proudly play it on the gospel engine and get God's message across. For who can say but that it has been saved for such a time as this. All glory and honor goes to God the father and our savior Jesus Christ! Bless www.gospelengine.com

Confess All Your Sins

Confess All Your Sins

album: Earth Alert

genre: Contemporary Christian

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