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Born in 1990 as a first born in a family of four. got introduced to Hip-Hop at the age of 11. At the same tym i fell in love with it that i started rapping and living a wasted life just to match my status. At first i was a souled out believer that i was realy active in sunday school. I remember one tym i preached in our local church at the age of 8. When i got into Hip-Hop i gave all of that up in search of fame , money, and other pleasures of this world. But God never gave up on me, at the age of 17 he called me back through a Holy-Hip-Hop concert. I accepted the call and right now i wanna use the same tool that God used to pull me out of the world to pull other souls out of the world. AMEN





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To God be the Glory

To God be the Glory

album: Slave of Righteousness

genre: Holy Hip Hop

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