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John & Alesia Christon known as RHYTOUS is a husband and wife gospel group. Rhytous was formed as a result of God giving us the vision to pass his word through music. Our main focus is "To take the message of Christ in music to a generation that is lost and needs to be found and we are committed to this cause".  Our lives aren't about how many people we've influenced, but about how many people we've influenced to accept Jesus Christ.  Please help support our mission by purchasing a CD or making a donation at WWW.THRUDACLOUDRECORDS.COM  or WWW.RHYTOUS.COM  we have been given a specific mission from God and with his help, and the support of others; it will fulfill its Destiny.  God Bless!






Jesus Christ

Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives

album: Still Praying

genre: Holy Hip Hop

streams: 24

audio file: mp3, 5.9MB, 00:05:04


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