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First there was the Word, the mighty Word, the timeless Word, and the Word for all generations that alone can satisfy the hungry soul. And this Word walked among us, speaking beautiful truths of an age old mystery. Now, in the technological era that is the 21st century, this Word continues to pervade, perhaps with more intensity than ever before. One of the ways it is being communicated today, and arguably the most relevant, is through the medium of music. That being said, I refer to you the Ft. Lauderdale outfit, Rhema Soul. Members, K-nuff, Juanlove, and Butta P, the feminine soul of the group, shine forth with a lyrical prowess that many would agree is missing in today’s hip hop shuffle. Their energetic live show has taken them all over the world, from Russia to South Africa to Lithuania to the Doby Hall in Scotland. “The vision is pretty cut and dry”, says emcee, Butta P; “it is all about redefinition.” Rhema Soul seeks to change the way you feel about music and the Gospel. And the results are refreshing, with a sound reminiscent of hip hop’s golden era, brought forth through the lens of today’s unique times and culture. With jams ranging from the lighthearted to the soul quenching, these three emcees are providing the listener something to write home about. Ultimately, the heartbeat of Rhema Soul is discipleship, as the effects of the music go well beyond the parameters of sound and vibe. And their involvement in the local Body is, to them, of critical importance. Be forewarned. They are taking the Word to the streets.

The voice of a new generation has been born. The soul shakers, history makers, mic rockers and show stoppers are ready to be embraced by the silenced... Welcome to Rhema Soul... we've got a word for your soul!


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